Last updated 23 September 2022

We know we would say this, but April, May, September and October are fabulous months in Catalunya. The sea can be swimmable, but the thing is, there is so much more to do. Contact us on peter@pesolsitrumfes.cat if you want ideas in relation to a particular time of year… Personally, we always try to come out in Spring and Autumn plus Carnival time and Christmas/Three Kings!!!

This calendar shows the nights that we already have booked, which are in feint type. Available dates are in grey.

So, if we are showing a booking of, say, 1 to 10 December, it means that the guests arrive on 1 December and leave on the morning of 11 December. Therefore you could book dates to include departure on 1 December, or an arrival on 11 December, with no problem. Sorry but the calendar software is not so sophisticated!

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